The Story of a Girl

this blog will be all about me and my thoughts. the way i see the world and how the world sees me are two totally different things. i want to express myself so that i can feel confident and strong in this world we live in.

Ever notice how driving in a car for more than four hours makes you really lazy? Well it does to me and I hate it. Laziness is just weakness keeping you from getting up and doing something productive. Of course you can’t really get up in a car, but it basically ruins my day and makes me want to do nothing but eat and sleep. And if I want to lose weight before college, I can’t keep doing these long ass drives. Just saying.

The holidays

Why is it that we eat so much during the holidays? I mean before the holidays we fill up on candy from Halloween, then we fill up on turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and every other thanksgiving food you can think of. Almost a month after, Christmas comes and we eat ham, pudding, and all of that good stuff. I’m trying to lose weight before college, but it’s so hard when the holidays are around. I wish we could be with family without having to eat everything.